Computer Maintenance

Computer Network Engineering and Management provides a rigorous course of study that enables students to enter a career in Network Engineering, Network Administration, Engineering and other computer related fields. The Network Engineering and Management course provides students with a basic foundation in networking. Students learn course content using an on line CISCO curriculum while operating in a “state of the art” CICSO lab launched at Damascus High School in 2006. Students gain hands on experience setting up local area networks. Students who successfully complete CCNA 1 and CCNA 2 courses, can take the exam for CCNA1 amd CCNA 2 exam. The CCNA 3 and CCNA 4 can be taken for college credit at Montgomery College during a student’s senior year in high school. Upon completion of all CCNA exams, students can take the exam for for (CCNATM) certification. For any questions or more information, please contact Mr. Jeff Hanson